Presenting Windy Coulee Dawn Zefyr 13622
Zefyr is Windy Coulee Canadians outstanding purebred Canadian stallion. Standing 14.2 hands, he is inspected and approved for breeding as a Canadian Sport Pony and is competing in Working Equitation and starting Jumping in 2020. The maternal grandson of Lou Heros and paternal grandson of Coco Viger, Zefyr is an excellent example of the Canadian breed with superb conformation and athletic ability. He shows natural and proper carriage under saddle, has lead changes at liberty and true talent when free jumping. If you are looking for an athletic stallion, active in competition, with a kind and willing temperament Zefyr is very worthy of your consideration. This young developing solid black stallion already has progeny on the ground and they carry his desirable traits. 

AI available, fresh cooled semen, $900 CA includes first collection and live foal guarantee.  Please call or email for terms and conditions and to book.



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Windy Coulee Zefyr Cameo web

Windy Coulee Zefyr Cameo 2016







Cameo and Anna Petrova 2019

Windy Coulee Zefyr Cameo 2019              Cross National Cup Canada, Aug 16 – Aug 18, 2019, High River, Alberta, Photos by Amanda Ubell, Working Equitation Canada


Casey at Selena's

Windy Coulee Zefyr Casey 2016



Windy Coulee Zefyr Ferrero 2018