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Call us, we love to talk about our horses 403 627-2081.  Windy Coulee may offer, to serious new breeders only, select broodmares. We understand the importance of perpetuating this unique, traditional breed of horse and our farm has pedigrees with healthy diverse bloodlines. If you have a sound plan and the resources, we may be able to help with a broodmare to match your breeding goals and a stallion service to start you off!

For Sale: Beckett’s Creek Ferari Zoe
This 2012 lovely, dark bay, 16 hand mare is offered for sale.  For those who would love to own Ferari offspring, here is your chance.  Zoe was started by Bob Laye in 2015, had a months training with Selena Dickmann in 2016 and two months work with Bruce Christie in 2018.  She is a calm, good-natured Canadian with graceful and smooth movement.  Zoe spent time gaining confidence in the mountains and is currently being ridden by a youth and preparing for her debut in Working Equitation next summer.


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For Sale: Windy Coulee Zefyr Comet
Windy Coulee Zefyr CometZefyr’s first colt, Comet, is offered for sale as a newly started youngster.   This 2015 gelding will mature at 15.2 hands, will be your “do anything” horse.  Working equitation, dressage, western, english, distance, pleasure, jumping; Comet has the ability and the mind to be your perfect Canadian partner.  Not only that, but he is a sensitive and kind horse, sound and solid like all our Canadians.  If you have the know-how or desire to work with a trainer and a plan, this horse could be yours.

For Sale: Windy Coulee Zefyr Ferrero

Zefyr’s third colt could easily mature above 15.2 hands.   This 2018 colt has the same incredible demeanor, look and kindness of our lovely Strydr.  Ferrero is confident, athletic, kind, smart and easy to train.  He is well socialized having spent his first summer with the herd and playing with our other young horses, and he loves people.  This youngster has the temperament everyone is looking for in a horse, as well as the build, the conformation and the pedigree.  Prove you are the one for him, have the skill and resources to train him, and you could own this incredible Canadian.  If you are looking for that one horse of a lifetime and are willing and able to make the time and take this horse to the highest level of training, give us a call.


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For Sale: Glenmanguay Ferari Tamoshanter
2009 16.2 hand Gelding and another chance to own a Ferari offspring. Tamoshanter or Tam as we call him, is a gentle and kind soul.  He has a wonderful solid build, a flashy trot, is developing a rocking horse canter and loves the trails.  Tam was not started until our farm purchased him in 2017; he now has a professional start and has been socialized in the herd.  For such a tall guy, he shows a gentle calm nature with the youngsters and gets along with the entire herd.  This easy going and sturdy gelding has been ridden in the mountains and the ring by our amazing farm volunteers.  We consider Tam a well started green horse who has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and experience this year.  You do not want to miss a chance at him.

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Recent Sales:

Sold: Lili Chantecler

Lili Chantecler, you are an amazing horse. You are talented, fun, eager, athletic and such a character. I am going to miss you very much, but your new family loves you, and you are starting an amazing new chapter in your life. Lili and the Girls lrI think you will have more than enough grooming. With 5 riders in the family, well, you will get enough excersize as well. I know you will be someone’s special jumper pony and you will be so very good at that. I also know that Flicka will become your friend once she gets used to not being the only mare on the farm. Congratulations to the Nauta Family on your new herd member. Lili is a 2008, 3/4 Canadian – Canadian Sport Horse cross mare; carded; 14.2 hands, approved for breeding as a Canadian Sport Pony; professionally started 2012; competed in a variety of disciplines since 2014.  She placed 4th in Introductry Division, in the 2018 WE United Cross National Cup in Eugene, Oregon.  We wish her new family loads of success and fun with this amazing pony.

Sold: Mountainview Loredo ZinaZina2014full
2012 15.2 hand well started mare, is extremely smooth, has beautiful movement, is interested and trusting with a superior shoulder, strong, yet narrow back, and a kind and sensible mind.  We wish her new partner loads of fun and adventure with this beauty!



Sold: Windy Coulee Dawn AuroraAurora Posing with text mrb.jpg
2013 gelding, full brother to our herd sire, Zefyr.  Aurora is a gorgeous black Canadian who was sold as a started youngster. He now is a finished bridle horse ready to go fox hunting with his amazing human in South Carolina.


Sold: Windy Coulee Phenom AlatorWindy Coulee Phenom Alator pose

2013 gelding, a lovely dark bay Canadian, flashy, calm and willing to go the extra mile with his family in Wisconsin.