For Sale Stanhope Gig by C.P. Kimball and Company 1905, Chicago, Illinois  Serial # 3093

Rare Horse Drawn Vehicle.  Stanhope Gig by C.P. Kimball and Company 1905, Chicago, Illinois  Serial # 3093Two wheeled gracefully styled carriage in an older maroon repaint.
This beautiful and fancy Gig is in solid condition, with intact hubs and wheels, axels and main undercarriage in useable condition with newly replaced fenders and dash.  This vehicle would look fabulous in Brewster Green (Rifle Green) with a few repairs it will be sound to drive.  It requires the correct lamps to fit the brackets, as it was purchased without lamps.  The brackets are correct and are a recast in bronze using originals from another Stanhope Gig as pattern.  All other metalwork and hardware is original to the vehicle and in solid condition.  The vehicles black button tufted wool broadcloth seat cushion is present and in relatively good condition.
For it to become a high quality show vehicle it needs some specific repair work. The swan neck ends of the shafts need to be replaced and a new Brewster Green paint job would be the icing on the cake.
The maker, C.P. Kimball and Company of Chicago was one of the most well respected builders and distributors of high quality two and four wheeled horse-drawn vehicles during the “carriage era” (1890-1910) in North America. A good number of their larger vehicles are known to have actually been built by Brewster and CO. of New York, who were the best of the custom carriage builders of the period.  The presence of a 4 digit serial number (3093) stamped into the upper face of the forward wooden seat framing, could possibly relate this specific vehicle to being of Brewster construction.  
The provenance of this vehicle is known and it has an interesting Canadian history. 
Size while seat is level:Length of shaft from whiffle tree to highest point in bend: 54 inchesHeight of shaft from ground at highest point of bend: 43.5 inchesHeight of seat from ground to top of seat (below cushion): 47.5 inchesWidth between shaft at highest point in bend: 26.5 inches
With proper work, this will be a beautiful and correct show vehicle to be put to a very special horse indeed. This vehicle is a very solid, rare, and worthy project which will have a wonderful end result. It would be best suited for a collector who also enjoys driving their vehicles and showing.  May consider offers and can help arrange shipping from this end. 
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